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About Us

genesis cloud miningWith many years of research, develop  business  activities in industrial chemicals field, with the global prestigious partners, we are confident to bring to domestic large-scale manufacturers  product sources  with optimal and effective quality. Not only that, we still create, develop and expand business network in both branches: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, We determine to bring real quality value, not only enhance the assence of value for each customer in the present,  but also ensure that values will be everlasting ​​development with Mekong in the future.

Mekong Chemicals Company was established based on the assence of value ​​: “Enhance your value”. – We desire to bring the product from the manufacturer to the final customer through experience in business techniques  and professional customer care services, contribute make increase value of partner.

With our effort and constant innovation, Mekong Chemicals company has been developing strongly in recent years,  specific is revenue, market share and field of action are growth and expanded. Through the system of offices and warehouses  in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Branch, We determine and commit to implement  our core values ​to become a leading import and distribute company in chemicals, ferrous metals-precious metals in Vietnam market.

Mekong Chemicals Company desire to cooperate with the domestical and international group, companies, factories to implement the assence of value and unshakeable develop together in future.

Mekong Chemical Company would like to thank for support and valuable cooperation of domestical and international partners, customers in recent years.

Best Regards,




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